Keynote Speaker - 9am PST/12pm EST

Picture of Irina

Irina Ortega (she/her)

Senior Consultant & Manager, Training & Participatory Strategies at Storytellers for Change Seattle

Irina is a participatory design facilitator, researcher, anthropologist, and environmental justice consultant. At Storytellers for Change, Irina oversees the design and implementation of storytelling training programs and participatory learning and action consulting projects for private and nonprofit organizations. She has over a decade of experience co-designing social impact projects in various regions of Mexico and facilitating leadership and storytelling workshops in the United States. Some of her clients have included Isla Urbana, Juarez Strategic Plan, Neighborhood House, Conexiones Climaticas, and Anchorage University, amongst others. In 2015, Irina co-founded SAYA, a non-profit organization based in Mexico with a mission to provide communities with leadership tools and educational experiences so their voices and participation can shape the future of their communities. Throughout her academic and work experience, Irina has developed a strong commitment and belief in civic engagement and participation for social change and environmental justice.

Antiracism & Youth Development Workshop - 9:20am PST/12:20pm EST

Picture of Dr. Outley

Presented by Dr. Corliss Outley

Founder and Director of REYSE Collaboratory at Clemson University in South Carolina

Dr. Outley is a professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. Her research examines positive youth development outcomes during the out-of-school time hours, particularly focusing on racial/ethnic identity and cultural behaviors, health disparities, social justice and built and physical environmental influences. She considers herself a “community engaged scholar” that focuses on improving sociopolitical systems and environments to reduce inequalities through the application of strengths-based empowerment approaches to youth engagement. She also attests that it is only from working side-by-side with communities that we as scholars will learn about their assets, as well as needs, in order to get for these citizens to no longer be considered underserved, but where they are fully represented and active participants in the social, environmental, economic and educational institutions.

Breaking the Cycles of Generational Poverty Workshop - 11am PST/2pm EST

Presented by Kate Whitby

Community Program Director of YMCA Neighborhood Centers in Minneapolis

Kate Whitby has been the Community Program Director at the YMCA Neighborhood Centers in Minneapolis since 2017. Each center serves k-12 students of color and families year-round that are low-income. They connect formal public institutions, young people, and their families through programs designed to break generational cycles of poverty. They focus on supporting and providing for critical needs, education, postsecondary & employment pathways, health & well-being, civic engagement, social capital and economic assets.

Closing Panel Discussion - 12pm PST/3pm EST

Picture of Haifa

Haifa Ahmed (she/her)

Founder and Vice President of Tracy Social Justice in California

Haifa Ahmed is dedicated to creating a community where people like her can work together to create positive change in the world.  She is a Sudanese immigrant who is pursuing a psychology degree with hopes of attending medical school to become a psychiatrist. She moved to the States and Tracy, California in 2012, and is a Kimball High School Alumnus Class of 2019. 

Picture of Erica

Érica Alcocer (they/them)

Community Empowerment Coordinator at Pride Center San Antonio, Texas

Érica is a non-Black 3rd generation Mexican-American queer non-binary femme of color of Spanish and Indigenous descent living on Somi Se’k Territory (Esto’k Gna), Coahuiltecan, Tonkawa, Lipan Apaches, Jumanos, Kiikapoo aka occupied Indigenous lands called San Antonio, Texas • home of the Yanaguana River. Their focuses are in radical social and self-awareness, abolition, disability//transformative justice, decolonization and Texas//México//borderland curanderismo. Érica is a community organizer & cultural worker with practices rooted in liberation of all colonized folks and work that centers queer•trans Black women/femmes/folks and queer•trans non-Black Indigenous women/femmes/folks. They hold a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Spanish & Mexican American Studies with a minor in Women's Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Event Ended on July 30, 2021


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