2017 Best Practices for Youth Conference

Lecture and Workshop

Youth, Community, and the Justice System 

Kirsten Kolb

Kirsten Kolb, M.S.W., is the Strategic Initiatives Analyst for the Youh Reformation System (YRS) at the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA). She has been in the juvenile justice field for 19 years, starting as a country juvenile probation officer working with adolescents with sexually harming behaviors or engaged in fire-setting behaviors. Kolb is among the OYA staff who launched YRS in 2013. She develops and conducts training statewide on YRS, and she works to provide data and tools from the system to county juvenile departments, residential providers, foster parents, judges, and many others working in the juvenile justice continuum. In addition to advancing the use of data in within Oregon's juvenile justive system, she has been instrumental in shifting organizational culture to Oregon's Positive Human Development approach. Kolb holds a master's in social work from Portland State University and a bachelor of science in corrections from Western Oregon University. 


3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific

Workshop Description

Approximately 2.1 million youth under the age of 18 are arrested in the United States in a single year. Kirsten will discuss Best Practices in Youth Justice, focusing on how to bridge culture and data to create the ideal system. The lecture will consist of a discussion educating the atendees on positive youth development in juvenile justice as well as the affect of data-informed decision making on outcomes for youth. 

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