2018 Best Practices for Youth Conference

Lecture Workshop

Youth Homelessness in America

August 7th 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT

Workshop Description

About 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT+. Erin will discuss best practices for engaging and providing services to LGBT+ youth experiencing homelessness. Attendees will learn how to provide specialized and tailored services for LGBT+ young people.

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Erin Chapman-Smith

Erin has made a focus in her career on serving the most vulnerable youth in our communities. Her expertise is in helping homeless youth stabilize and rebuild. Erin has worked across all levels of Transitional Living Programs (TLP). She currently serves as the Interim Director of Over-18 Housing services at YouthCare which includes the only LGBTQ focused TLP in Washington State. Erin is a NRCYS Certified Trainer - Residential Child and Youth care Professional and has provided LGBTQ trainings to many organizations including YouthCare, Friends of Youth, Tacoma Public Schools, University of Puget Sound, Comprehensive Life Resources, and Central Washington University, RHY National Conference, NAEH National Conference. Often these trainings are LGBTQ 101, 102 trainings to support team growth with identifying areas of growth with LGBTQ competency.

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